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Spring into Spring

Spring is officially here! And you know what that means... it’s the perfect time to start bringing out those adorable spring accessories. Whether you want to dress up or dress down, accessories are the perfect way to do this! Today I wanted to share a few ways I’m accessorizing my spring wardrobe this season.

Outfit 1:

It’s all in the details! For this first spring look I decided to go for a very fun and fresh vibe. I chose to style this outfit with 3 accessories to make the outfit pop! Bows are back in style and are a perfect accessory for spring! Matching colored earrings help to tie everything together and add a fun flare to any ordinary outfit. Lastly, I chose to pair this outfit with a simple initial necklace. This look is perfect for anyone looking to add some color to their wardrobe.

Outfit 2:

For my second look I went for a more fun, flirty vibe! I kept the jewelry simple by wearing gold hoop earrings and a gold initial necklace. To spice this outfit up I decided to add a fun cheetah print scrunchie. Scrunchies are all the craze, and this season animal prints have been coming into style. I thought the animal print scrunchie was the perfect accessory to make this outfit stand out! If you’re looking to make a statement this look is perfect for you!

No matter what accessories you choose, I hope you were able to find some inspiration to add a pop to your next outfit! As you’re looking for new ways to add a fun twist on your everyday outfits check out your local Plato’s Closet to find some fun new accessories!

Blog By: Grace Myler | @gracemyler
Photos: @amsingerphotos

Fresh Spring Looks

Sunny days, birds chirping, aromatic florals ― these are all things to look forward to in spring, but there's always something else that excites me even more. Spring is undoubtedly one of my personal favorite seasons for fashion! 

Between all the fun florals and pastel colors, it's a breath of fresh air as we leave behind the cold and rainy winter months! I've gathered some of my favorite spring looks, all of which can be altered to your climate so you can look fresh for this season!

Not gonna lie, this look definitely gave me early 90s vibes but I wasn’t mad about it! This pastel yellow tee with a fun floral design is going to be one of my go-to tops this spring season. How much more spring can you get than yellow and flowers?

This top is one of my favorite floral tops because of all its cute details! The polka dots and frills are great touches that just make this top so flowy and perfect for spring! I also threw on a cardigan because sometimes spring weather isn’t quite warm yet and a little extra warmth can be needed!

This pair of floral flowy shorts is a personal necessity in the spring! They are super easy to throw on and always make a feminine put-together outfit! I simply paired them with a white tee and a jean jacket for some warmth and to balance the ultra-girly vibes.

This last look is so clean and fresh that I had no choice but to include it! I styled a simple pinstripe men's shirt by tying it and pairing it with some classic mom jeans. With its sophistication and clean lines, this top screams spring! Lastly, I polished off the look with some black Chelsea boots.

I hope you found some outfit inspiration for the upcoming spring season! Head to your local Plato’s Closet to find the unique spring styles you’re looking for! Remember that spring is a time to try new things and have a new start, whether that be in your wardrobe or just life in general!

Blog By: Ember Sierra | essentiallyember

Stay Organized & Focused!

We all know how difficult this time of year can be with all of the testing, college planning and summer jitters. Getting through these last few months of school can be made easier with a few simple study tips to help you stay organized and motivated.

Tip 1:

The first study tip is to keep your schedule organized. Keeping a calendar with all of your tests, special events and important deadlines is the key to using your time efficiently in school. Keeping a calendar makes it much easier to stay on track and juggle the craziness that is high school. Personally, I write down all my assignments, extracurricular activities and important dates all in the same planner ― this way I am able to see what is on my agenda for each day!

Tip 2:

The second study tip goes hand-in-hand with keeping a schedule: making and following to-do lists! I find that to-do lists help me stay focused and organized every time I sit down to get some work done. Unlike a schedule that just has all my due dates and assignments, my daily to-do lists allow me to create specific tasks for myself leading up to those deadlines. With to-do lists, I am always able to accomplish my daily tasks and stay on track for my upcoming deadlines!

Tip 3:

Another useful study tip is to take really good notes during class. I find that writing down important information as my teacher is talking allows me to better absorb the information and review it later.

All of these study tips will help you finish out this year school year at the top of your game! Next time you’re feeling stressed out look back at these helpful tips to help you stay focused and organized.

Blog by: Grace Myler - @gracemyler

Travel Packing Tips

It’s the WORST when you go on vacation and get to your destination only to realize you forgot the one thing you told yourself not to forget. With spring break right around the corner, I want to share a few ways to make packing easier.

  1. The first thing I do before even touching my suitcase is make a list. I write down all of the obvious things (tops, bottoms, pajamas, swimsuits) and then add the things I tend to forget like socks, headphones and sunglasses. This way I’m not paranoid about forgetting anything!
  2. Plan out your outfits for each day. This is something I do every time I travel, and it’s a game changer! I used to throw all of my favorite pants and shirts into a suitcase and call it a day, but then I would arrive at my destination with 17 shirts and 2 pants that didn’t even match. Setting out two complete outfits for each day of my vacation has changed the game 100%. If you’re a big shopper like I am, you probably shop even harder on vacation just because you’re on vacation, so don’t forget to leave space in your suitcase to make sure you have enough room to take everything home!
  3. My last and final tip is to always wear your bulkiest clothes and shoes on the plane. Coats and boots are heavy. You will save so much space by wearing your puffy jackets and bulky boots on the plane so you don’t have to pack them.

Hopefully these tips will help you achieve a smoother and less stressful travel experience on your upcoming spring break getaway! Don’t forget, visit Plato’s Closet for your spring break essentials. That way you’ll have more money to spend on your spring break adventures!

Blog By: McKella Tiziani | @mckellakay

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